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Magnetic Eyeliner

Lash Collection


Need to get out of the house but need that ‘I woke up like this’ look? These are the lashes for you. Rushing out the door to run an errand has never been faster with our easy application (and removal when you get back home). This is perfect for a no-makeup look where you want to feel, as Aretha Franklin would say, like a natural woman.

Hair Length: 0.5 to 1cm
Band Length: 3cm
Band thickness: 0.3mm 



This one’s the top pick for those craving a little bit of thickness to their lashes but still want to keep things natural. This subtle yet classy look is a go-to for people who just need some good brows and these lashes as their staple look for casual outings or a city chic look.

Hair Length: 0.6 to 1.4cm
Band Length: 3.2cm
Band Thickness: 0.3mm 

Light Up

Talk about dramatic! Pair these babies up with a bold makeup look, think smokey eyeshadow and a fierce cat-eye. Full face, no shame. They’re perfect for a big night out or a party blowout and be a drama queen, but in the best way with these on!

Hair Length: 0.8 to 1.5cm
Band Length: 3.2cm
Band Thickness: 0.3mm


These bad boys are thick and ready to make a statement. These long and luscious lashes that will suit any formal occasion, from weddings to debutantes. It’s a universally beautiful look for anyone and would pair perfectly with a soft bronze eyeshadow look.

Hair Length: 1 to 1.4cm
Band Length: 3.2cm
Band Thickness: 0.3mm


This is the perfect meet-in-the-middle that balances natural with a pop of glam. It’s called confidence for a reason. Find yours with these gorgeous lashes on that don’t compromise simplicity with a little bit of flair, perfect for brunch with the girls or a long day of seeing people at work.

Hair Length: 1 to 1.5cm
Band Length: 3.3cm
Band Thickness: 0.3mm


Unleash your inner rebel with these lashes. Dare to be different and experiment with these for a night out to dinner (and possibly to the club right after) that would go perfectly with a fun eyeshadow look and a bold lipstick. The best part? You can be a rebel with fierce lashes that won’t weigh you down so you can party all night!

Hair Length: 1 to 1.8cm
Band Length: 3.3cm
Band Thickness: 0.3mm