3 Lashes + Liner Bundle (Dramatic Style)

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Bundle Includes:

1 x Magnetic Adhesive Eyeliner
3 x Sets of Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes (Confidence, Light Up, Rebellion)


  • Lashes are made with High-Quality Korean PBT Fibers
  • Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Reusable
  • Easy to Apply and Remove in Seconds
  • Highly Pigmented and Silky Smooth Liner
  • Waterproof, Smudge-Proof and Wind Resistant
  • Strong hold
  • Can use with any false eyelashes

Nicola Magnetic Adhesive Eyeliner

Nicola Magnetic Adhesive Eyeliner is formulated using all the best ingredients on the market, highly pigmented, waterproof, smudge-proof and silky smooth. This liner will replace traditional glue, and can be used to apply any false eyelashes! The most innovative and seamless false eyelashes application ever invented.

How To Use

(1) Try on lashes to check fit & trim if needed
(2) Apply eyeliner on the top of the eyelid along the natural lash line
(3) Apply lash on top of eyeliner & press to attach

3 Amazing Styles Include:


This is the perfect meet-in-the-middle that balances natural with a pop of glam. It’s called confidence for a reason. Find yours with these gorgeous lashes on that don’t compromise simplicity with a little bit of flair, perfect for brunch with the girls or a long day of seeing people at work.

Light Up

Talk about dramatic! Pair these babies up with a bold makeup look, think smokey eyeshadow and a fierce cat-eye. Full face, no shame. They’re perfect for a big night out or a party blowout and be a drama queen, but in the best way with these on!


Unleash your inner rebel with these lashes. Dare to be different and experiment with these for a night out to dinner (and possibly to the club right after) that would go perfectly with a fun eyeshadow look and a bold lipstick. The best part? You can be a rebel with fierce lashes that won’t weigh you down so you can party all night!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Makes applying lashes so easy !

I was hesitant to try these lashes out as the hype around magnetic lashes is so big at the moment.... but I was very pleasantly surprised !
The eyeliner brush was super thin, the liner itself very dark black and it applied so easily. Putting the false lashes on was soooo simple and they stayed in place all day and night. The liner was so long lasting that I had to use makeup remover, makeup wipes and cleanser to remove it !
I already can’t wait to try more lashes out.

Janice Prawira
Wonderful products - boost your confidence in shorter time!

First time trying out magnetic lashes and I must say I didn't expect it to be this easy! Honestly, I have never used my own falsies - if I have them on, it would be either for photoshoot or events (applied by make-up artist). But since I have Nicola Cosmetics lashes, I have been wearing them every time I go out as it is easy and quick; literally requires zero skill!

The eyeliner - the tip is so pointy and its firmness is just right, so the eyeliners can glide easily!

The packaging alone already made me fell in love with the products before I even tried them! Talking about magnet, the lash box also has magnetic closure - how cool is that?

Highly recommended kit! xx

Natasha Musumeci
amazing quality!

This bundle is absolutely amazing, the lashes are of high quality and adhere extremely well using the adhesive! The magnets are nice and small and you can't feel them at all, so they don't irritate!

I love how the adhesive liner works with both magnetic lashes and regular lashes, it is also great for adding little jewels to your looks!

I would highly recommend trying these out, they are perfect for every occasion!

The eye photo attached features lashes in the style Rebellion, and the jewels have been attached using the adhesive liner!

Love this kit!

The liner is so easy to apply, super pigmented and bonds lashes amazingly well. Inner corners can be a bit hard to stick down, but after knowing this the first time I used them I was able to apply more liner in this area and that fixed the problem (I do have very rounded eyes).
The lashes are absolutely gorgeous and are perfect for any occasion. They attach seamlessly to the liner in the exact spot you want them to, which would definitely be super helpful for beginners!
Definitely would recommend this kit!

In love!!

I was really hesitant to try magnetic lashes, there is so many out there and would they work? I took the plunge and brought Nicola Cosmetic ones and well.. I absolutely love them!! So easy to apply and last allll day! Not heavy at all either. I have received so many compliments and they were just the finishing touch to my look! Thank you so much!! ❤️

Jade Maguire
They work

I fill like the brush in the liner could be thicker