Your Winter Lookbook and Style Guide

Your Winter Lookbook and Style Guide

Winter is on its way! Welcome hot chocolates and rugging up tight. As the chill sets in, you can still make sure you’re feeling even cooler with this ultimate Winter lookbook and style guide.

💙 Winter Fashion Must-Haves

Who said you have to choose between comfort and style? Keeping warm in the winter doesn’t mean you have to pile on clothes until you look like a marshmallow. Here are some staples that will rock your winter world.

1. Turtlenecks

These beauties have never gone out of style and never will. You can wear them alone or with a jacket/coat and still look classy. No one has ever gone wrong with a basic turtleneck, which can go a long way with basic colors like brown, grey and black. Plus, they also keep your neck snug and warm (bonus!)



2. Long Skirts

So, they don’t sound super amazing, but they sure do look good. If wearing pants isn’t your jam, then long skirts (often paired with knee-high boots) are your alternative. It’s an elegant and almost timeless piece that will work perfectly with any long sleeve top tucked in.



3. Stylish Coats

This is the best way to get the most out of your outerwear. They’re an essential to top off any outfit, and best of all – they’re practical. Differing lengths mean that you can style it according to your shoes and your bottoms, but most are universal regardless. Opt for ones with pockets that are really useful, whether you’re carrying something important or just trying to keep your hands warm.


4. Boots and All

Wave goodbye to your strappy-heel sandals and say hello to your fave winter boots. Being higher than your average sneakers, boots are great for winter weather. Waterproofing sprays are readily available at a cheap price to keep them safe on rainy days or dewy mornings. With a whole selection of textures from leather to suede, and different platforms and styles – boots are your best friend in Winter – classic and classy.


✨ How to Keep That Face Looking Fresh 

Winter can be a little bit scary because it can equal dull skin and dryness. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions to keep you glowing all-year round – from skincare to makeup. 

1. Hydrate Your Skin

Replenish thirsty pores and your body with moisturisers. Treat your face with hydrating serums and face masks if you want to give it an extra boost, but as long as you’re moisturising after every face wash, morning and night – your skin will love you. Body lotions that are enriched with natural heroes like shea butter are fantastic to keep the rest of your body’s skin supple and smooth. And you already know how important drinking water is (or at least we hope you do). So, get those 8 cups in every day and you can’t go wrong.

2. Simplify your routine

Now that Winter means less daylight and less time to get up and ready (since its freezing in the morning), reduce the effort in your day-to-day by taking a couple of shortcuts. Try to make your morning rituals quick and simple, then let all the hard work set in with your night routine.

Try to ditch makeup all together if you can help it, which will put up a fight against common winter dryness. Instead, add touches like lightly filled brows or natural-style false lashes, for a no-makeup look that will look just as stunning as a full-face. The eyelashes we create here are reusable and pain-free, so when you come home, all you need to do is take them off and do whatever you want.

Then, when night-time rolls around, you can amp up the use of your powerful serums or overnight face masks – since they biologically work their magic better while you sleep.

3. Speaking of sleep…  

Cold nights can be the best things ever, whilst others prefer the balmy heat of Summer. Just make sure you’re aiming for at least eight hours of quality sleep, and do take the time to rest your body and mind every day. Extra blankets or a warm tea before bed will fight off the cold.


💄 Wonderful Winter Makeup Wears

Like the lookbook above – Winter is all about embracing the basics – we’re talking monochromatic colours and subtle shades. The same goes for your makeup.

1. Eyes

Blend warm browns with darker shades for a simple, yet elegant look. Purples and mauves also match the aesthetic of the neutrality that the season brings, but if bright or dramatic looks or your thing, then go ahead! Simple eyeliner will work wonders to transform your look and work will with the darker hues. Although, do watch for brow pencils and penciled eyeliners that may stiffen in colder weather. Things like liquids, pomades or magnetic magicians like our eyeliners are the better option for Winter.

Wearing layers of mascara may not be the best idea for when it gets cold outside. You can still get the look of lustrous lashes with falsies instead. They go on and come off way faster, so you’ll be grateful to come home not having to spend ages wiping mascara off when all you want to do is jump into bed.

 2. Lips

The pretty lip glosses and shiny balms are out, and the matte lipsticks are in. To match with your subtle and mysterious eye look, dark lipsticks are perfect to finish off. Go for mauves, dark reds, or dusty pink and browns to bring out a chic style that will turn heads.

Since Winter also means you can stay inside more often to keep warm, there’s plenty of time to experiment with new makeup looks. Take inspiration from beauty gurus online or simply try different things in front of the mirror. 

Winter doesn’t have to be a drag anymore. Whether you want to stay inside and avoid the cold or you’re yearning to go out and make the most of the season – let these tips guide you into looking and feeling your best throughout the whole time.

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