Your Guide to The 2021 New Year

Your Guide to The 2021 New Year

We think we speak on everyone’s behalf when we say we’re ready to take on 2021 and get some of our lives back in the New Year. We’ve got a handy-dandy guide on how to make peace with 2020 and embrace 2021 in all of its brand new glory.


Don’t throw away 2020 just yet...


Look, we’re just going to have to make our peace with what this year brought us. In fact, if you’re reading this - count your lucky stars that you’ve made it though a worldwide pandemic.


Just before we think of scrapping 2020 and abandoning it within a very distant part of our memory, we have to practice the art of learning from failures and growing from adversity.


So here’s your first tip to take 2021 head-on.


  • Start with gratitude


If there’s anything we can learn from our experience with COVID-19, it’s that we should never take things for granted.


The big things like travelling overseas, seeing loved ones and celebrating big events were robbed of many, and still are for many more. Then there’s the little luxuries like going out to the store, being able to stay out as late as you want and going to the gym. And despite how much many of us used to complain about getting up to go to work every morning, we felt incomplete when we weren’t giving the chance to do so anymore.


Lockdowns and curfews, plus every rule and regulation in between have been implemented differently and widely across different states, territories and nations. But no matter what set of guidelines managed to befall your personal circumstance, every one felt that they day-to-day routine was disrupted and we had to adjust to a new normal.


And since not everything is back to normal, we have to enter 2021 with an ounce of cautious optimism.


Be grateful for the opportunities that we do have, rather than the ones we still don’t have. 


  • Want to travel in 2021?


Borders may not be open to many other countries, but the state borders in Australia are starting to open up to one another. And if you’re reading this from a state that currently can’t go into other states, don’t fret - you can still take these tips on board.


There’s never been another time than now to explore our own beautiful backyard. And this doesn’t matter whether you can go between states or you’re contained within your own.


Travel guides and hot tips can be found with a quick google search. Consider the reason you want to travel and tailor your search experience to that. Do you want to try something new? Hang by the countryside for a change? Go a little off the beaten track? Check out a monument you’ve never seen? Here are a few Google prompts that might help you find that escape you’re looking for.


  • “Best hidden gems in [state]”
  • “Best camping spots in [state]”
  • “Best beaches in [state]”
  • “Must-see sights in [state]”


Once you’ve picked a spot, plan it out well and plan it out safely. If you know you’re keen on camping, make sure you follow the campsite’s regulations and definitely look up how to pitch a tent before you get there. If you’re heading to a secluded beach, make sure you’ve got a trusty towel and sunscreen. Make a list and stick to it so your trip goes smoothly. And don’t forget to take heaps of pics to remember!


  • Keep supporting small


Remember how we said that we can’t completely abandon 2020 in the dust? That’s because a lot of small businesses, particularly focusing on those in Australia, are still picking up the pieces of a devastating blow thanks to the virus.


You don’t need another basic hoodie from H&M or a tenth pair of black jeans from Zara. And you also probably don’t need that high-end bronzer that works just as well as a cheaper dupe.


Invest in products that are made with a lot more love and care from small businesses. When you buy from a small business, your money goes into someone’s heart and home, rather than a corporation’s oversized pocket.


If you’re not sure where to start, here are some suggestions of simple swaps you can make:


  • Instead of buying a cake from a large franchise or chain cafe, reach out to a small business who will make your cake a lot better and a lot fresher. You’ll taste the difference between a cake that’s been sitting in a shop’s window against a homemade one that’s made to order.
  • Rather than buying 5+ pairs of false lashes from dodgy overseas websites  (which are usually really low quality btw), invest in reusable, ethical ones like the ones we create here at Nicola Cosmetics. It’s an investment that goes a long way, because single-use lashes from big companies are bad for your pocket and for the environment.
  • Let go of those big jewellery chains. They have enough money. Jewellery is slowly but surely becoming more popular as a niche amongst small businesses. When you buy handmade jewellery from a small business, you’re buying a unique piece that’s one of a kind - since no two pieces are identical. You’ll find unbelievably cute designs that you won’t find anywhere in big chains

Although there’s nothing wrong with your local supermarkets like Coles or Woolies, try to get catering done by a small business for your next event. Grazing platters are so in, as are dessert boxes. If you’re an avid chef, then you’re free to take the reigns with your own menu. But if you need a bit of help, go for an independent caterer rather than a big chain.

Final Comments

2021 isn't going to get better if you find it daunting. Face it head on and enjoy the ride - especially considering the lucky stars you have for making it this far. Thank you for supporting Nicola Cosmetics and our journey, and we can't wait to see you next year.

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