Your Christmas Lookbook for Fashion & Makeup

Your Christmas Lookbook for Fashion & Makeup

Your Christmas Lookbook for Fashion & Makeup

Christmas isn’t Christmas without looking the part. We’ve got some majorly merry inspo to help you discover your 2020 look this silly season!

The Basics

What separates Christmas from any other holiday is its colours. We've got a number one rule for a Christmas look that will anchor both fashion and makeup. If you read our last Halloween blog, you’ll have noticed the themes of its prime colours like orange, purple and black. Christmas is most obviously noted due to its colours too! So, when you’re choosing an outfit or a makeup look, stick to the colours listed out below:

Dark green, red, gold, silver and white.

If you keep in and between these tones, and don’t stray to any other colours – it’ll make any look stand out as a real Christmas theme – rather than just a bold outfit choice or makeup experiment.


We’ve got one word for you: EYES.

This is your blank canvas for the entirety of the holiday season. A good layer of foundation and some luminescent highlighter will go a long way, but this blog is all about how to use the eyes. Now, you’ve got two options here: something (sort of) subtle, playing with colours in simple colour combos or you can go the full mile with amazing designs. Both are super cute in their own right – and both will embrace those 5 prime Christmas colours too.

Option #1

So, if you’ve opted for a somewhat simple look – your eyeshadow might showcase 1-2 Christmas colours to make sure nothing looks overcrowded. Your eyes should resemble a shiny bauble hanging off an Xmas tree - super smooth and solid, with a touch of glitter. That means whipping out the shimmery and metallic palettes, whilst limiting the matte shades.

And because you’re keeping it relatively simple, it’s a fantastic opportunity to accentuate some fierce pops of black. The darkness of false lashes and the sleekness of some eyeliner (wing or not is fine) will round out the eye look superbly. And plus, no bougee eyeshadow look is complete without an equally dramatic wing and lash look.

Take a look at some inspo below:

Option #2

We’ve arrived at the extravagant eyeshadow section! It can follow the same principles as the simpler option above, keeping in tone with the greens, reds, golds, silvers and whites once again. Since these are even more dramatic than the last, its time to pull out all the stops with the most dramatic pair of falsies you own, alongside the boldest wing you can draw. With a colourful background as your eyeshadow, you can re-centre the look with the dark black of the lashes and the eyeliner too.

On top of your standard colours, you can go one step further and pick a theme. Think items and images that you associate with Christmas like wreaths, candy canes, snowflakes and Christmas lights. Pinterest has helped us out with a bunch of awesome ideas that we can all be inspired by:



Again, the top tip is stick to your Christmas colours. You can co-ordinate a couple of these colours in schemes that look great together. Our recommendations include the traditional pairing of green and red, the more modern revamp of white and red or something extra fancy with silver and gold. The best way to get two colours is to either layer them, or co-ordinate them with one as a top and one as a bottom.

You can go for solid colours or prints – it’s really up to you with this one!

P.S. Even though we live in Australia, holiday sweaters are totally okay to wear (you might just have to blast the aircon while you take those Insta-worthy pics!)

Whole Outfits


Like the ornaments on a Christmas tree, the little details you adorn your outfit with are super important!

If your ears are pierced, earrings are the quirky essential. You can find them practically everywhere, but small businesses are especially great places to search for unique, handmade pieces for those lobes. Our picks would include Santa hats, mini candy canes, Christmas trees and gingerbread men.

Make sure that you've got festive headwear like antlers or a Santa hat which keeps things novelty and fun!

Christmas is not just about looking good, but feeling good too. The most important thing we want you to take away from this blog is knowing that these ideas are for you to have fun with and find something you really love and feel great in. After all, the sexiest thing that a woman can wear is confidence!

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