Why the Future of Makeup is Magnetic

Why the Future of Makeup is Magnetic

Why the Future of Makeup is Magnetic

“Thoughts are magnetic. What you think is what you attract”

And that’s not the only thing good about magnets, because now, they’re revolutionising the makeup game as we know it.

This doesn’t mean ditching your holy grail foundations or prime-time highlights – we’re not that far ahead with our technology (yet). But we can gain some food for thought when it comes to eye makeup, including lashes and liners as a trend that is slowly but surely capturing the intrigue of many!

What is magnetic makeup?

It sounds a little freaky, like something out of an era where flying cars are a thing. But magnetic makeup is not something to fear – it’s something to be fascinated in!

Put simply, magnetic makeup (or at least lashes and liners) are regular cosmetics that contain magnetic particles. It’s as simple as that. It’s not silver like a magnet or anything, nor does it apply any differently to non-magnetic cosmetics. Brands like ours ensure these magnetic particles are naturally derived and safe for everyone to use on skin and eyes. There’s usually a double address with magnetic cosmetics, mostly because magnetic lashes will need to hang onto something else magnetic – like an eyeliner.

Although it’s a relatively new concept, magnetic lashes on their own have been around for a lot longer than you may think! How did they work? Well, you would have four lashes (as opposed to two), and sandwich one on top and one beneath your natural lashes. And voila – they stick to each other. So magnetic technology has been around for a while, which makes us all feel better because it’s no longer a trial run. Nowadays, we get by with lashes secured by complementary magnetic eyeliner.



Why Should I Use Magnetic Makeup?

Magnetic eyeliners and eyelashes are our areas of expertise, and we acknowledge that even though they might not be for everyone, they sure are worth a try. If you need a little nudge to convince you that this innovation is sure to be unlike anything you’ve tried before, then keep reading.

  • They hurt less than glues and adhesives

This is one of the elements that put magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners above the rest. A lot of people love the look of fresh, flawless lashes but hate the application process. Eyelashes can’t stay on all night without some kind of adhesive, which often mean harsh glues. We all know that feeling of wanting to jump into bed after a big night out, but we have to go through the hassle of ripping off our lashes first. That’s when our skin gets pulled, our lashes are yanked and sometimes, we shed a tear or two.

Magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners are designed to stop it from getting to this point of annoyance (and low-key pain). If you think of how easy it is to clip two magnets together, you can also imagine how easy they would be to take off. Without glue, there’s no hard pulling that could cause pain. It also means they’re a smidge more economical if you’re using magnetic eyeliner, which can act as both liner and lash ‘glue’ in one!

  • No more hair loss!

Expanding on the point above, magnetic lashes are a great way to minimise hair loss from your own natural eyelashes. Again, peeling glue off your eyelid and eyelashes is not super fun, and neither is accidentally pulling off some hairs in the process!

If you know that your natural lashes can’t always stand up against the wrath of sticky lash glue or cumbersome falsies, then consider magnetic eyelashes to avoid any unwanted hair loss. This is not just because there’s no glue as we’ve stated above. It also comes down to the application process, where you’ll find that magnetic eyelashes actually sit on your eyelid (where the magnetic eyeliner will be), instead of up close and personal to your natural eyelash hairs.


  • Application is Easier

Just as taking your falsies off is easier, so is the application process when you put them on.

No matter how many beauty YouTubers you watch or how many tutorials you read, it’s widely agreed that putting false lashes on is an art that takes time to master. Admittedly, magnetic lashes aren’t 100% foolproof, since they still need to be trimmed to size and they take some time getting used to as well when you’re popping them on. However, they do ease a bit of stress because of their magnetic nature.

Long story short, if both your lashes and your eyeliner are magnetic, then the laws of physics means that they’ll find each other. It’s like a cute little love story while you’re doing your makeup routine! And it’s also a big win because you save a bit more time and effort on your way to show off just how awesome magnetic makeup can be.


This blog is a little glimpse into the world of magnetic makeup, which in comparison to other makeup innovations, is still taking its baby steps into the world of cosmetics. Nonetheless, it’s always hard to knock anything til you try it, which is why we encourage anyone interested to give magnetic makeup a go!


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