What on Earth is Magnetic Eyeliner?

What on Earth is Magnetic Eyeliner?

If the idea of magnetic eyeliner causes a massive WTF moment, here’s a run-down on what this marvel of a product actually is.

They Make Your Life So Much Easier

Magnetic eyeliner falls into the category of stuff to make your life easier. It was made for the non-beauty guru, so that literally anyone can put false lashes on.

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Magnetic eyeliner eliminates the need for any glues or pricey trips to the salon, with a fast and seamless solution. If you use it correctly, they can be re-used for up to 30 wears and less waste.

Magnetic eyeliners are work hand-in-hand with magnetic eyelashes, meaning they combine for a perfect makeup look – zero glue and zero pain. This match made in heaven means that your magnetic lashes can clip right onto your magnetic eyeliner without the need of an adhesive.


What’s The Difference Between Magnetic and... Not Magnetic?

They’re exactly the same as normal eyeliners, except their formulas contain magnetic particles. They apply the same way and glide on just as easily, so don’t let the word ‘magnetic’ fool you into thinking it’s super complicated.

Best Magnetic Eyeliner Eyelashes Kits | Available in Australia | Nicola Cosmetics


How Do I Use It?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Shake the bottle
  2. Paint on your magnetic eyeliner, leaving to dry for 1-2 minutes
  3. Apply your magnetic lashes on top of the liner.

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Best Magnetic Eyeliner Eyelashes Kits | Available in Australia | Nicola Cosmetics

Is It Safe for My Eyes?

The gel and liquid eyeliners we create here at Nicola Cosmetics contain iron oxides is their magnetic element. Iron oxides are naturally occurring minerals, clinically proven to be 100% safe, gentle and non-toxic for your skin, which are also kind to animals and the environment being cruelty-free. According to the EWG ingredient rating system, our magnetic eyeliner is absolutely safe, and in fact, safer than using lash glue.

They’re also resistant to moisture, so no matter what’s happening, they don’t easily bleed or smear. Ours is integrated with a ‘setting powder’, so a little goes a long way and your product lasts longer.


What if My Lashes are Prone to Falling Out?

Unwanted hair loss is a common affair with lash extensions, where you look fabulous but the weight of your lashes on top of your natural ones is just too much. This can lead to nasty consequences like bald spots. Magnetic eyeliner prevents this because you’re not actually putting your false lashes on your natural lashes. Instead, they go onto your eyelid which is a lot stronger than the hairs of an eyelash, so there’s no lash loss.


Testimonials – Real People with Real Reviews

“Overall, I love the magnetic liner and lashes. They are much easier for me to apply than false lashes (for some reason, that lash glue always make it difficult!) and I didn’t feel any of the itching that I usually do with lash glue.” - Dr. Rupawong

“They actually looked pretty good. The best part is that if I wasn’t happy with the position, I could easily remove and reattach without having to add another layer of glue.” - Tara

“What makes magnetic lashes so appealing is that they're reusable. They don't require messy glue and they're less likely to rip off your natural lashes. Basically, they seem like a cool, low-maintenance version of the original, glue-on version.” - Anna 

So, What's next?

Magnetic eyeliners offer a simple time-saving solution that is still highly pigmented to draw on a fierce wing or simple cat-eye. Good quality ones (like ours) will be waterproof, smudge-proof and wind resistant. So, no matter what you’re doing, whether it be going to the beach or playing sport, you know your lashes and liner won’t be going anywhere.

Long story short, magnetic eyeliners are just as interesting as they sound. The only thing that will beat the curiosity you have (if this blog hasn’t already), is to give them a go!

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