Ultimate Guide for Things to Do This Summer

Ultimate Guide for Things to Do This Summer

2020 might have done us dirty, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t plan ahead for a summer we’ve all been looking forward to. We’ve compiled a list of things to add to the to-do list for this year’s epic summer season.


Beach Trip

Summer isn’t summer without the signature beach trip. Although it’s impossible to be on the shores of Bora Bora right now, we’re 100% sure you have a swanky beach somewhere near you that will suffice. But we don’t want this to be any beach trip, we want to go the full mile to make it count. How? See below.


  1. Slip, slop, slap

Going to the beach is a hoot, but so is being responsible about your health. Where possible, pop your sunnies on, wear a hat and long-sleeved beachwear. And always always always apply sunscreen every 2 hours that you’re out in the heat, so you can get a banging tan without the unhealthy side effects.


  1. Bring some fun stuff

Don’t rock up to the beach empty-handed. If your destination has volleyball courts, consider buying a ball to play with mates. Otherwise, jump into the water with a frisbee or inflatable ball to get the party started. Other people enjoy bringing boogie boards to ride the (small) waves, and there is absolutely zero judgement for those big kids at heart who want to take a whole sandcastle kit with them.


  1. Eat your heart out

What’s a beach trip without the best food? Nothing is more Aussie than some good old fish and chips, and its rare if there isn’t one near the beach you’ll be going to. What’s also on the list? Ice cream. Enough said.

A Night Out


There’s nothing like the bustling nightlife on a balmy summer night where the sun is gone, but its still gorgeously warm. Get as many friends together as legally possible, and plan a great night together.


  1. Book those dinner reservations and that accommodation

Summer sees an influx of diners, and an increased demand in accommodation. A night out isn’t complete without crashing at an Airbnb, so make sure you book a beautiful place well ahead of time. As for dinner, ensure that you have booked at a place that you can all agree on, and isn’t too far from the accommodation you’ve secured. And make sure you show up and support that business!


  1. Go all out

When many of us having seen our mates in months, what better time than now to make a statement? Pop on your favourite outfit, as well as a banging eyeshadow, liner and lash combo to show off your new fangled makeup skills learnt in lockdown. Statement pieces like bold jewellery or a wild pair of shoes are also a good way to get people talking.


The Great Outdoors

  1. Drive-In Movies

These are available practically everywhere, and are a really unique experience to do with friends, family or a partner.

When prices at the venue can be ridiculous, it’s always good (and more fun) to bring along your own snacks. Our picks? Popcorn, brownies, all the candy you can dream of, plus lots of drinks to keep you hydrated.

Even though it might be warm, blankets are great to lie on whilst you sit back and relax.


  1. Camping Trip

Yes, this does include camping in your own backyard. Get your besties together and set up a tent (now that’s a bonding experience). Then, go on an adventure wherever you choose. It doesn’t have to be intense as lighting a campfire and cooking your dinner on it, but it can be a nice getaway from technology and the world in general. Set up a checklist of what to bring, including sleeping materials and clothes – and you’re all set.

Make sure you bring plenty of food and water for starters. S’more kits are a must, but make sure that out of all the snacks, there are at least a few substantial meals.

Entertainment can come in the form of playing cards like regular decks or uno, which are also really fun for drinking games if that’s what you’re into.

Summer is the most popular season around the world – so we hope a couple of these ideas inspire you to make the most of yours!

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