Top 5 Celebrity/ Influencer Beauty Platforms to follow in 2020

Top 5 Celebrity/ Influencer Beauty Platforms to follow in 2020

These beauty gurus are the top of the trade – and if you haven’t been following them – we have a problem!

We’ve handpicked our top 5 superstar women who deserve your follow and are offering some amazing advice for you to check out daily.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Although early signs pointed to Rose Inc. as being her debut cosmetics line, we now know that it's actually RHW's very own beauty website. The model launched the site to share her beauty tips and tricks that she has learnt throughout her time in the makeup industry. She learnt the hard way so we don’t have to!


Lauren Conrad


If there's anyone that we can call the queen of all things hair, it’s Lauren Conrad. She knows the ins and outs of everything from how to wear a super cute hair accessory or how to ace a waterfall braid.

The Hills alum dedicated a whole section to beauty on her DIY-driven site, named 'Primp'. There, you’ll find yourself with plenty of skincare tips and product recommendations right at your fingertips. If you’ve got a question, then there’s a 99% chance that Primp has your answer. From mani how-to’s to LC’s actual beauty journey, there’s no shortage of awesome beauty info to be found here.


Barefoot Blonde

Amber Clark is a beauty blogger who hails from NYC but currently leads her awesome life in the tropical paradise of Hawaii. While she’s doing great with her hubby and gorgeous children, there's one reason why we keep coming back to her blog: her braids. On behalf of all self-confessed plait addicts, she has given us serious hair envy.


Lisa Eldridge

Want a makeup tutorial that’s seriously easy to follow but gives you an incredible final result? Head straight to makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's YouTube channel. From a daily beauty routine for work to giving you a step-by-step no-makeup look, these videos are your new go-to when you want to nail a new style immediately. On Instagram, you'll get fun behind-the-scenes shots with many of her A-list clients.


Estée Lalonde

Originally from Canada and now based in London, Estée has established herself as a highly respected voice in the worlds of beauty, fashion, jewellery, interior design, travel and more. Formerly known as Essie Button, Estée Lalonde has been running her beauty and lifestyle blog for five years (talk about commitment!). As well as providing helpful beauty video tutorials on her YouTube channel, she shares an inside look at her life on Instagram, as well as her current favourite beauty buys. The gorgeous aesthetic that runs throughout her blog is #goals.

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