The Ultimate No-Makeup Makeup Look

The Ultimate No-Makeup Makeup Look

Playing with looks and layering everything on thick and fast is undoubtedly one of the best things about makeup. But sometimes, we want to minimise our use of it. Whether it be to save some time, some effort or some money – here are a few tips to feel confident with a glowing, no-makeup look.


Get that base right

Begin with a gentle exfoliant as part of your morning routine. Not only is this a lovely way to wake yourself up, but it also wakes your skin up. Scrub away dead skin cells that have accumulated overnight, and achieve a smooth, supple face that’s ready to face the day.

Mandatory sunscreen

Your skin doesn’t care if it’s cloudy outside, because no matter how overcast it is, sunscreen is non-negotiable! Take care of your skin with face sunscreen (specifically formulated to be gentle for the face), with at least 30 SPF and one that marks itself as broad-spectrum for UVA and UVB rays. Let it set in for 5 minutes, then slather on some light moisturiser.

Conceal, don’t coat

Experts warn against using foundation and BB cream, as this is usually a dead giveaway that you’re wearing makeup, which is not what we want in a no-makeup look.

Scan your face for spots, redness and any blemishes. Simply wave your (concealer) wand and dab just a little on top. Don’t use the wand to rub it in any further. With clean fingers (we recommend the ring finger), pat it out so it blends with your skin

Don’t go for anything that strays from your natural skin tone

No bright eyeshadows or bold lipsticks today! Keep it simple. If you do feel like eyeshadow use a creamy formula that’s as close to your skin tone as possible. The only things that should go a bit further in colour, will be iridescent highlighters for the cheekbones and inner eye corners – which are okay to be on the shimmery white side, all the way to a light pink.

Keep brows and lashes in check

Avoid Instagram brows and huge full glam lashes for now, and bring it back to basics. You can still fill in your eyebrows, but finely with delicate strokes from a pencil, rather than a big dip into thick pomades. For lashes, you can curl them with a thin coat of mascara, or pop on a pair of natural-looking lashes to take the hassle out of it.

Lip balms and tints only

Keep your lips looking great, but without colours like deep pink, purple or red. Swipe on lip tints to blend well with your natural lip colour. Lip balm will also do to keep them hydrated, some of which also come with tints themselves!

You can follow these steps to your heart’s content, and of course, feel free to change things up according to how you feel when you look in the mirror!

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