Self-Care in Self-Isolation: How to Be Productive During Social Distancing

Self-Care in Self-Isolation: How to Be Productive During Social Distancing

Let’s spread love, not germs.

The world is on lockdown and now more than ever, we need to stick together.

For introverts, being a homebody is a dream come true. But for a lot of us, restrictions that keep us inside and away from others can be a total nightmare.

Here’s how to stay strong and stay safe during the pandemic that is sweeping our planet. And although we have to take things seriously during this time, it’s important that we also know the keys to having fun in self-isolation. Firstly, we can clear up the stuff that everyone needs to know before we banish cabin fever.

1. Understand what self-isolation is

Self-isolation is when you remain in your home and avoid contact with other people. Self-isolation is not the government trying to rob you of your rights and make you go crazy as a prisoner of your own house. It is the best way that you can do your part to stop the spread and save lives.

*Remember, you may not be susceptible to the harmful impacts of the virus. But if you unknowingly pass it on to someone much more vulnerable, then you’d probably never live it down if something happened to them. Not cool.

 2. Listen to the rules and follow them 🙌🏻

The world has introduced and is still implementing a very important protocol for its citizens. Pay attention to updates distributed by your federal, state and local governments. Specific guidelines and regulations will be issued, so wherever you’re located, make sure you are checking these regularly.

 3. Practice good hygiene 

Stop the spread of germs and stop the spread of the virus by keeping yourself and everything around you squeaky clean. Wash your hands with soap and water regularly and disinfect all frequently used surfaces and objects. Cover coughs and sneezes, and if you’ve got symptoms, seek medical help.

Okay, now that the serious stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about some inspirations in isolation ✨

1. Social distancing doesn’t mean zero social interactions

Sure, we can’t be going out for a coffee with friends or catch a movie anymore. 

Social media is your cure for any chats you need to conduct. And you can easily do that with a cup of coffee or while watching a movie (it’s practically the same thing). Countless applications like Skype, FaceTime or Zoom are your best bet for ‘face-to-face’ chats with anyone you want. 

Innovations like ‘Netflix Party’ can help you sit back with some popcorn and watch a show or film at the same time as all of your friends, for any movie marathon you need – right in the comfort of your own home.

Keep in touch with the ones you love and help each other out.

 2. Take up new hobbies

It may seem like there’s ‘nothing’ to do at home, but spoiler alert: there are tonnes.

Here’s a bunch of awesome things to do, inside and away from trouble.

🧡Grow some plants. Plants are the cutest things ever – it’s a known fact. They’re awesome for the environment, and also provide some great stress relief in taking care of them. Cacti and succulents are great and very low maintenance. Another option can be herbs, where you can grow your own edible garden on your windowsill! Order them online to prevent unnecessary outings.


🧡Get cooking, good looking. Cooking your own meals is a life skill, but it can also be a hobby. Experimenting with recipes that you find interesting can actually be such a rewarding experience (plus you get a delish meal afterwards!). It’s also significantly cheaper than takeaway.

Here’s a couple of ideas to get you thinking – and cooking
Baking – cakes, cookies, brownies, scones – enough said
Pastries – pies, croissants and quiches – yummy and perfect for the family
Pastas – did you know there’s over 350 types of pasta in the world?
Curries – this is so worth the wait because curries are the biggest flavour bombs

🧡Read a book (or even write one).
Your holy grail to escape the woes of self-isolation is opening up a book, whether it be hard copy or online. Pick one that you genuinely want to read, and you won’t regret it. And if you really want to take yourself on a wild, imaginative ride, try writing your own!

There’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a horror fanatic, romantic reader or fantasy hero – exploring what your local library has (through delivery), or using platforms like Audible and Wattpad are the golden ticket.


🧡Get artsy. Let your creative juices flow with some real art hobbies. It can be as simple as grabbing a pencil and paper to draw, to painting on a canvas or going on a great DIY journey. Things like making your own candles to re-designing your room décor are all possible to be personalised and done at home! Check out Pinterest or other DIYs on YouTube for some fun stuff.

3. Keep yourself happy and healthy

The number priority is not only keeping yourself safe from coronavirus but keeping it healthy in general.

🧡Nourish your body. Now that you’re home more, save yourself some money by avoiding constant takeaway and instead, opt for creating delicious and nutritious meals in your own kitchen.


Find recipes that you love, packed with vegetables and all the good stuff. Ditch the burgers and fries, and choose to go for fresh, unprocessed delights and your body will thank you. Eating healthy is a big high-five for your immune system, which is exactly what people need in this current climate.

Google is your new best friend when it comes to finding meals that make you go ‘WOW’ and step-by-steps are just waiting for you to try them! 


🧡Maintain your mental health. Keeping your mind happy is equally as important as keeping your body healthy.

If things get overwhelming, take a break to do what makes you happy. It could be meditating, listening to your favorite playlist or chatting to a friend. You know what works best.


🧡Keep fit. Now that hitting the gym is a no-go, at-home workouts are all the rage. For many, all you’ll need is an exercise mat and a device, to view easy-to-follow YouTube clips to exercise. Anything from light yoga to hard cardio is available, the choice is yours! And if the weather is good, even a 30-minute work will make you feel great, so long as you abide by local rules during this time.


To conclude

Self-isolation is not something to loathe, but something to embrace. Think about it – you’re literally living in something that will go down in history books – and once this is all over, you’ll feel good knowing you were productive during the world’s lockdown of COVID-19 and protecting everyone else from getting it.

Stay strong and stay safe!

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