How to Support Small Businesses with Big Hearts

How to Support Small Businesses with Big Hearts

Where you shop matters. With the pandemic taking over the world, it is more important than ever to support local, small businesses. Compared to large corporations, any kind of support toward small businesses can help them stay afloat – because a lot of them literally can’t afford to do that without our help. Doing our part doesn’t take very long and there are also ways to do it without even spending a cent.

  1. Keep buying gifts and bits and bobs from local retailers

Although many physical stores have closed their doors, a lot of businesses have moved online to keep things rolling. Niches like candle-making and graze boxes all the way to knitted sweaters and makeup are available online, often handmade locally with a lot more love and care than brands feeding into fast fashion or factory work. Minimise huge platforms like Amazon or global retailers, since they have a lot more saved up in the bank to keep going. Instead, check out small businesses on Instagram and Facebook through friends and family, or other sites like Etsy. Plus, buying gifts and sending them over to loved ones can help keep relationships strong during these testing times. It really is a win-win!

  1. Support your favourite eateries with delivery

Even when dining-in is a no-go, there are so many other ways to support your favourite restaurants. Where possible, use delivery services to get your favourite meals to your door. And yes, its even ok just for a cup of coffee - any effort is appreciated. Pro tip: there’s no harm in leaving a cute little note on your order (where it asks for any ‘special instructions’) and just check up on the staff and tell them to have a good day/night. If takeaway is available, you can even pop inside to have a quick chat to make sure your favourite place knows you’re thinking of them. Kindness is never wasted.

  1. Take advantage of social media

This is an easy and quick way to show love and support to small businesses without spending anything. Likes, comments, follows, shoutouts and shares make such a big difference to small businesses and it will cost you nothing. It gives everyone working a boost in confidence, even if it doesn’t count as a sale. It facilitates their engagement and expands their reach to other potential customers – which can often mean the difference between making or breaking a business. So, spread as much love as you can on social media for small businesses and you’ll be doing a very good (and free) deed!


  1. Keep it local

By buying directly from Australian businesses based right here in our own backyard, you’re giving the economy a big boost (which it really needs right now!). If you can, narrow it even further down to your own region or state. That makes things like postage a whole lot easier for small businesses. And this also gives ample opportunity for you to spread the word with others who can buy directly from local businesses!

And also remember that small businesses often utilise the help of other small businesses for things like packaging, stationery, stock and promotions. So, when you’re helping out one business, chances are you’re also helping another. How good is that?


  1. Remember how much it means

Another way you can support small businesses is reminding yourself of why its so important. For so many small biz owners, a significant proportion of their income and even sometimes their livelihood depends on their work. Any form of support is often received with great gratitude. There’s often ten times more thought and effort put into products and services from humble, business owners compared to larger brands that already have big following. It’s one of the easiest ways to make someone’s day.


Supporting from small businesses, even when there’s no money involved is one of the most fulfilling things we can do. Every little purchase, or couple of likes can go a long way – which keeps people in their jobs and rewards you with unique gifts, food and clothing that are truly priceless.

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