How to Spoil Your Mum This Mother’s Day – Gift Ideas for Everyone

How to Spoil Your Mum This Mother’s Day – Gift Ideas for Everyone

There’s nothing more special than the love a mother has for her child. And we want to do as much as we can to make sure every mum out there gets the love (and reward) she deserves. Here are some gifts that come straight from the heart to show her how priceless she really is.

Start with a card

If you haven’t written a card since you were ten years old, misspelling every second word, then maybe its time to write one again. We can’t give you the contents of what you should write, but that’s the point. A card is the best way to personally thank your mother for who you know her as. A brilliant cook? Talented dancer? Green thumb? The list goes on. A mother will always cherish her own child’s words. Make it clear how much she means to you. Whether you’re making a card from scratch or buying one from the store, it’s what’s on the inside that matters.

Aromas and Scents

Busy mums have spent their whole lives taking care of their children, and one of the best ways to unwind and relax is through things that smell fabulous. Aromatherapy is a great way to de-stress and can be customised according to her liking.

  • Candles – these are foolproof. They come in different sizes and scents, so you can get a few large ones that will burn for ours, or cute mini tealights instead. You can order kits online to make your own where you can even pour wax into your own moulds to make novelty ones. But if you’re short for time, Australia has a bunch of brilliant local businesses that sell hand-made natural candles. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone by making mum happy and also supporting local small businesses!


  • Flowers – this is an essential to making mum smile on her special day. Get insight into what flowers she’d like most. Even if she doesn’t have a favourite type, opt for flowers in her favourite colour. You could also go the extra mile by matching the flowers to the colour of the card you’ve got.

  • Tea and coffee – a little more unconventional, but still come under things that smell wonderful. Teas and coffee packages or hampers are also another great way to support small businesses. You can find local stockists producing tea that suits any mum. From invigorating fruity notes to mellow, stress-relieving ones – there is always a tea that someone will love. As for coffee, grinders specialising in organic grounds are your best bet. Like tea, they can go all the way from subtle, sweet tastes to full-bodied caffeine fixes. Most of them will come in a lovely box or packaging, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping it yourself

DIY Packages 

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a personalised gift pack from you.

We’re talking about creating your own hamper with bits and pieces that you know your mum will love. It’s easy and costs a lot less than getting someone else to organise it for you. Grab a nice wicker basket and you can go from there. Line it with tissue paper and start filling!

Here’s some inspo for what could go real nice in a hamper:

  • Skincare Bits and Bobs: Find small but practical items. Face masks are always a go-to (and make sure they suit her skin type too!). Body scrubs, lip balm, nail polish, loofahs and travel kits are all super cute and super functional. Our top pick are coffee scrubs which come in charming little packages. You can also make lip scrubs and body scrubs at home to save some money!
  • Makeup Items: With makeup, go for things that work universally. So, don’t go near anything like foundation, contour or blush – go for things that don’t need to be tailored to one specific person. Things that will work a treat include stuff for the eyes. Mascara, false lashes and eyeliner are all amazing and anyone can use them. Highlighters and shadow palettes can work too, so long as they suit their recipient! Order them online from stores like ours to save the hassle of going out too.
  • Personal Favourites: Again, this is your chance to show her that you know her! Sweets like chocolate and candy are perfect, or something more specific like biscuits and brownies. As is a nice bottle of wine or champagne. 

Something Different

If you really want to go the extra mile, pick some wonderful thought-that-count gifts.

  • For Active Lifestyles: This is the perfect time to spoil a mum who also loves to keep fit. Think about high-quality water bottles, comfortable workout mats or even a subscription for a gym membership or yoga class,
  • For Amazing Cooks: We all know our mums are the best cooks in the world! So keep her passion of cooking alive with some thoughtful gifts to help her in the kitchen. Find prestigious cookbooks, buy her a charming new apron or even some swanky new cookware. Slow cookers food processors or coffee machines might tickle her fancy, or even a new crockery set or high tea package.
  • For Those on The Go: If your mum is working hard hours and still managing to be the best mum out there – make her life a little easier! If she needs her daily coffee fix in the morning, find a high-quality coffee cup she can take anywhere (it’s also better for the environment!). If she leads a corporate life, keep her organised with cute and practical stationery, like notebooks, pens and binders.

Mothers are all unique, except for one thing. They love their children more than themselves. So, make Mother’s Day 2020 one to remember and show her how much you love her back!

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