How to Love Yourself First This Valentine’s Day

How to Love Yourself First This Valentine’s Day

February 14th is a day for love and romance. And who says you need to do it with a significant other? Loving yourself should always be a priority (even after Valentine’s Day), and here’s how to do it – like a boss.


Pamper yourself

Repeat after me. You do not need another person to spoil yourself. Give yourself some serious me-time. You could run a bubble bath surrounded by scented candles and champagne. Or invite your besties over, pop on some face masks and start your movie marathon. Order your favourite food or blast your favourite music. Do what makes you happy.

Spend time with people you love

This does not mean you call up that one ex of yours just so you don’t feel lonely. Your best friends or close family will do the trick when it comes to having great company. You can give your mum a call or spend some quality time with your pet, so if you don’t want to be by yourself (although if you do, then do it!), reach out to the ones who mean most.

Try something new.

If Valentine’s Day is something that people take so seriously, why not make a day out of it? Use it as an excuse to bake some cute love-themed sweets if you’ve never baked before, then you can make someone’s day as a gift (or eat them all yourself). Heading to a museum or dabbling in a new DIY craft project are also more options.

Paint the town

Another great way to take aim at the Feb 14th tradition is to experiment with some awesome Valentine’s makeup looks and outfits. It’s a perfect excuse to try some pink and red styles, especially with eyeshadow. Bring out your mauve palettes and blend your cool pinks and reds, and of course, top it off with the best magnetic lashes in the game and a fierce wing with the our magnetic eyeliners (you already know where to get those)

To Conclude

Don’t bum yourself out this Valentine’s Day. Do what you love, regardless of whether its by yourself, with a partner or in the company of your favourite people. After all, you can’t love anyone until you love yourself!


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