How to Grow Your Lashes and Brows At Home

How to Grow Your Lashes and Brows At Home

Now that we’re spending more time at home, salons are shut and we’ve learnt to fend for ourselves. If you want to give yourself a makeover for naturally luscious lashes and thicker brows, here’s your how-to guide:


Soft, supple lashes that are long and lustrous is a dream come true for many of us, so we can stop relying so much on ways to make them look longer – and we can have them look fabulous all the time.

There are plenty of eyelash serums on the market, but natural remedies available at home can do just the trick as well. Strong lashes are usually the first step to getting them to grow long and healthy.

Lash Oils
  • Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used for centuries, known for its amazing ability to hydrate and soften the skin. For your lashes, it will condition them and make them nice and strong. Make sure that whichever one you buy is 100% natural and unrefined.

  • Vitamin E Oil

Usually purchased online, Vitamin E Oil is available as a treatment specifically designed for hair and skin (unlike olive oil which is more of a supermarket-situation). It’s a great way to moisturise the lashes and keep them healthy.

  • Castor Oil

Another great oil that’s ideal for moisturising lashes for a fuller, plumper look. Like olive oil, go for ones that are 100% natural and unrefined castor oil that’s pure in itself (as in, not mixed in with anything else). But do take caution that you are definitely not allergic to pure castor oil as it may cause irritation if you are.

  • How to Apply Oils

Use disposable mascara spoolies or brushes to dip into the oil and coat the lashes. Apply before bed and let it work its magic overnight. Then just wash it off come morning time. It’s best to start it off weekly to see how your skin reacts (just in case), and then you can apply it more often.

Other Tips
  • Comb your Lashes

Brushing out your lashes is a good way to make lashes appear longer. It’s not necessarily the technique most grounded science, but makeup pros swear by this tip and never hurts to try!

Invest in a good, high-quality lash comb which you can find online. Just brush through your lashes when you’ve got spare time, maybe while you’re watching a movie or waiting for something else.


Keeping brows under control is one thing, but making sure they stay thick and healthy is something we still have to master. There’s nothing wrong with sparse brows which are just as cute, but if you are in fact looking for a way to grow them better, then keep reading! 

Food for Thought

Take advantage of foods that promote hair growth (thanks to Healthline)

  • Eggs: They contain protein and biotin, a duo that can support healthy hair growth. Biotin helps the body produce keratin, the primary protein in hair.
  • Anything packed with protein: You probably don’t even have to go out to find a protein-powerhouse in your fridge. Lean meat, poultry and fish are always high in protein, as are vego options like nuts, seeds and legumes. Dairy products like milk and yoghurt also have plenty. According to Healthline, hair follicles are primarily composed of protein, so a protein-rich diet means less hair loss!
  • Fatty Fish: Another source of protein that is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids are fish like salmon and mackerel are known to improve hair growth and density.
  • See more at this link here:

Coconut Oil

As stated above, protein is the key to letting your hair grow healthy and strong. Coconut oil works as a double agent for adding this protein to your brows and moisturising them at the same time. Use pure, unrefined brands and you can apply with clean fingers, a cotton bud or a disposable mascara brush. Like most natural oils, they can be left on overnight and rinsed off thoroughly in the morning.

Don’t overpluck!

The brow’s biggest downfall is when too many of its hairs are removed. Thin brows and sparse patches are usually because we go a little too crazy when we’re grooming them. Try to resist the urge to pluck all the time and extend plucking sessions to a few weeks or even a month apart. It seems scary, but it’s all in the name of thicker brows – it just makes sense.

Make the most of your time at home by giving your brows and lashes some love and experimenting with ways to make them look and feel better than they already do.

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