How to Clean and Reuse Your Strip Lashes

How to Clean and Reuse Your Strip Lashes

How to Clean and Reuse Your Strip Lashes

The only thing better than a gorgeous pair of false lashes is a pair of reusable ones. Keep your falsies in tip-top condition by following a few of these nifty tips.

  1. Get rid of the glue

Make sure the obvious residue of the lashes is removed (AKA the lash glue that comes with multiple applications). A pair of tweezers will work best to be precise, which helps grab dried lash glue off your falsies before their deep clean.


  1. Cotton swabs and makeup remover for the dirty work

A good old cotton swab is the perfect bud(dy) to clean your trusty lashes. And along with some good makeup remover, you’re all set.

It’s important to get rid of all the gunk that might have built up over time. This includes any residual traces of mascara and general pollutants. If this build-up looks too scary for a simple cotton swab, you can always go for a cotton ball to cover some more ground.

Make sure your make-up remover is specifically formulated for removing eye makeup. Micellar water is usually the top pick, so long as its marked to be for waterproof eye makeup. They’re just stronger and more effective.

Dip your cotton swab or ball in a generous amount of makeup remover and swipe it over the lash strip multiple times. Don’t be afraid of using more swabs if the initial one gets overly dirty.

There’s never any harm in making sure every inch of those lashes is taken care of too, so flip those babies over and do the same on the opposite side. This step is vital to make sure your makeup is dissolved and that they’re easy to clean.


  1. Use warm water to clean off any mascara residue

It’s no secret that so many of us like to give our falsies that extra drama and volume with a few coats of mascara. But after a few times, too many coats and prolonged wear can start to cake up the lashes.

If Step 2 hasn’t gotten rid of all the mascara residue, use warm water and a gentle touch to ensure that all of it is gone.

  1. Let them dry

After careful inspection that every speck is spick and span, you can send those lashes off to dry.

Avoid using towels that can be abrasive on delicate lashes, so don’t use normal linen towels or the like. Instead, a sheet of paper towel will suffice to dab the surface dry. No rubbing is needed, so just be gentle with it until all moisture is gone.

  1. Store them in their box

Whenever you’re not using your falsies, make sure they’re kept in fab condition. Make sure that they’re clean and dry before you put them away, so no moisture builds up and causes some serious yuck.

We recommend that you keep them in the eyelash box you receive them in. Here at Nicola Cosmetics, our boxes are super cute and can be re-used to store lashes over and over again. If not, get your hands on a container that’s appropriately sized to keep them in. It could be a small one to keep lash pairs on their own, or a bigger one for your whole collection.

Store them airtight in containers with a lid. It’s also a perfect excuse to decorate your containers with cute stickers and personalised adornments.

From this point, keep your lashes contained and positioned in a safe place, away from direct sunlight and other things like dirt and moisture. 


The Benefits

It’s not too much effort to take good care of your lashes, and it pays off in the long run. If you keep up your maintenance, your lashes will last longer which is always a bonus. They keep them at their best, in quality and appearance, so they feel more comfy than lashes that aren’t kept in good condition, and are also easier to apply. You can’t lose.

Get the most out of your lashes. Single-use is out and re-usable is in! Our falsies do us so much good and have never let us down. So, what better way to repay them by giving them the TLC they deserve.


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