How to Ace Eyeliner for Every Eye Shape

How to Ace Eyeliner for Every Eye Shape

As if nailing a solid cat-eye isn’t hard enough. Part of our awesome individuality is that not only are our fashion styles, hair types and personalities different – but so are our eye shapes. There’s nothing wrong with wearing your staple eyeliner look to match your bestie. However, if you’d like to learn the ropes to accentuating your own eye shape using the magic of makeup, then read on!

A Quick Pro-Tip: A general rule of thumb to remember is that lining above the lashes is the best way to make eyes look bigger, whilst lining the lower lash-line is intended to shrink it.

Now let’s jump straight in!


What do they look like? Hooded eyes have minimal eyelid space compared to others, often where the upper eyelid fully or partially cover the crease when your eyes are open.

Your eyeliner style: Compensate for the hidden crease

Usually, pencilling or painting on eyeliner will start from the inner corner out to the wing. But hooded eyes get the green light to do it the other way because they’re extra unique (and awesome). Starting from the outer wing, take small strokes inwards to complete the line. Ensure that the outer wing is visible with your eyes open so even when the crease isn’t there, that slayed wing will be.


What do they look like? Monolids are primarily identified by the absence of a distinct crease and also usually feature a flatter eyelid surface and a less prominent browbone.

Your eyeliner style: No crease? No problem!

If you’d like to make up for the lack of crease, go for a bold, thick eyeliner look that can be visible whether your eyes are open or closed. Starting from the inner corner, start thin and then gradually develop into a thicker finish as you get to the end. Make sure the wing extends past your outer corner so it can be seen. Monolids are also a great excuse to play around with bold and bright colours or glittery looks to make the eyes really pop!


What do they look like? People who have big eyes are often identified by their eyes being slightly bigger than other parts of their face, like the mouth and nose.

Your eyeliner style: For eyes that are already fabulously big and bold!

Use a dark shade like classic black or sultry purples and blues so that you don’t make your eyes any bigger than you want them to be. Play around with thick or thin wings, depending on how dramatic you’d want it to be, rather than basing it off size.


What do they look like? Pretty much the opposite of big eyes, itty-bitty ones are those that are smaller than the rest of your facial features.

Your eyeliner style: Make your eyes bigger and brighter

Instead of using darker colours that tend to make eyes look smaller, go for lighter colours. Keep it confined to lining the top of the eye only and leave the lower lash line as is. Getting a second opinion on which light colours look extra fabulous for your skin is also a hot tip to make sure your eyes are as accentuated as they can be.


What do they look like? If the space between your eyes is larger than the width of one eye. Totally normal and totally common!

Your eyeliner style: Create zen and balance on the face

Go wild with colours and styles here. Anything from liquid to gel to a pencil will do. Focus on the inner corner, both above and below the lash line and deepen your chosen liner on these areas specifically. On the top, you can bring it as far as the outer corner, but not so far to leave a wing. And on the lower lash line, stop about halfway and smudge it out for extra subtlety.


What do they look like? The opposite of wide-set eyes, where the gap between the eyes is smaller than the width that one eye would take up.

Your eyeliner style: The same way as wide-set eyes, close-set ones offer a great host for a variety of colours and styles for your eyeliner. Swap lining all the way by doing a half-half of inner eye shimmer and a wing. Pack highlight or white eyeliner pencil into the inner corners to make them pop. Then, start from the middle of the eye and work outwards with your chosen eyeliner to finish off with a wing. More balance can be achieved by lining both the top and bottom lash line the same way.

Eyes are all beautiful in their own wonderfully weird way. Who would’ve thought that there were so many ways to make us feel even more unique? Have fun with these and remember that these are just tips to spotlight the specific shape of your eyes – and that there’s never any harm in sticking to what you think looks best!

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