Eyelash Extensions versus False Lashes – Know The Difference and What Suits You

Eyelash Extensions versus False Lashes – Know The Difference and What Suits You

When it comes to choosing the right way to give our lashes the lusciousness they deserve, do you go for the false eyelashes or the lash extensions? Find your perfect lash match with this helpful which-is-which.

The Basics

The main differences between a pair of falsies and lash extensions are their application and longevity. False eyelashes are a strip of lashes applied to natural lashes with an adhesive or magnet, whilst lash extensions involve individual lashes carefully placed on your own by a professional.


Lash Extensions

Lash extensions need to be applied by a professional lash technician at a beauty clinic due to the precision and care to make sure everything is per-fect.



They usually cost around and over $100, though prices will vary. Don’t panic! This little dip into your savings is because lash extensions can stay put for around 2-3 weeks (a month if you’re lucky!), which means you can wake up with fresh lashes without lifting a finger.


Think of lash extensions like a newborn baby (AKA they’re high maintenance), and you will have to take care of them for them to last as long as possible. And just like a baby, you must commit – can’t take them off a day after they just got put on!


False Lashes

Falsies are the perfect solution for a one-off quick fix. If it’s a girl’s night out or an upcoming party, false eyelashes are great for a significantly smaller time frame and price point compared to lash extensions.  Anything from $5 to $50 can get you a pair. Ours fall into the latter, but with AfterPay, you can get those fabulous lashes for less (and in no time – winning!)

They take some time to perfect their application, and usually can’t be re-used. People often avoid false lashes because of the glue that can be quite painful to pull off – ow! Luckily, brands like ours have created magnetic false lashes that are foolproof to apply and can be re-used (yep, we went there). Another great bit of advice is to shop Australian, as quality is often compromised if you buy from some international sites.


The choice is yours

Both lash extensions and false eyelashes are awesome solutions to give your lashes some tender loving care and both range from natural, no-makeup styles to full glam looks.


If you’ve got a special night out and want to do your makeup in the comfort of your own home, falsies are the inexpensive, fast fix for you to look fabulous. It’s ideal for one-off occasions where you can come home, take them off and hit the sheets. The alternative to glues is magnetic eyelashes, that skip over the painful pulling at the end of the night.


If you’re heading off on a holiday or lead a life of hustle and bustle, lash extensions are awesome to take away one step for your morning routine, so you can head out the door feeling fresh with zero worrying about your lashes.


Choose what you feel the most beautiful in and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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