5 of Our Favourite Makeup Trends to Try ASAP

5 of Our Favourite Makeup Trends to Try ASAP

Look out! The makeup trend bandwagon is on its way and you’re coming aboard. 2020 may have been a whole mess with everything else – but like many of us, experimenting with makeup can be an easy escape and productive use of time to try new things. Here are our top five makeup trends for you to embark on your next journey and explore brilliant creative horizons in your own home.

  1. Free Floating Eyeliner

This one gets the top spot because it is quite literally all the rage. It’s so in that it even earned a feature in the now-iconic collaboration between our two queens Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga in their music video for Rain on Me. So, it’s a trend so good that even A-Listers are enjoying the taboo of eyeliner that no longer just goes on your eyelid.

On top of your eyeshadow look, take some eyeliner (the brighter and bolder the better) and let your imagination run wild. Our faves include angel wings and clouds. But you can draw lines out in swirls or sharp lines – so long as you can have fun with it!

  1. Contrasting Colours for Eyeshadow

If this was any other year, this trend would be in the trash. But 2020 is full of unprecedented times and you guessed it, unprecedented trends. Take the humble colour wheel and make your makeup pop with unconventional (but pretty awesome) colour combos.

There are a couple of ways you can mix and match. Play around with the placement of each. Try a half-half on the lid, or one colour on the lid and one on the lower lash line. If you’ve got extra time, experiment with ombrés or different patterns. The world really is your oyster with this one.

  1. Glitter Everywhere

We wish this trend would stay a trend forever! Glitter might seem a bit over the top, but *spoiler alert* that’s the point. Glitter can channel your inner fairy feels, Barbie girl or magical princess (or a combo of all three).

Make sure you’re using cosmetically safe glitter so that it’s okay for your face. This means avoiding the ones that come at the $2 craft store and spending a little bit more money on high-quality glitter that’s made to be used on the skin.

Glitter doesn’t just have to be for outings like music festivals or lavish outdoor concerts anymore, wear it because you can!

Dab some on each cheek, pop some above or beneath the brow or nestled sweetly in your inner eye corner to make you look more awake. Our personal favourite is to streak it on top of that fierce highlight atop your cheekbone.

  1. Big Bold Blush

Another trend that would be banned in any other year other than this one. This isn’t for the faint-hearted, and we love to see it paired with an equally bold eyeshadow look.

Since blush is classically within the realms of pinks and coral, we think it's best keeping it that way for this trend. The only difference is the amount you apply. So, blend light pinks and peachy corals with your eyeshadow and match it with some punchy blush.

This doesn’t mean going nuts and packing it on in one spot. Like its complementary eyeshadow, blend daintily and lightly. Start soft and spread it out until you feel fab. It’ll look great in bright light and paired with full glam. The darkness of your noir liners and lashes also contrasts the pink per-fectly.

  1. Spread Your Wings with Feathered Brows

Now that we’ve all had a taste of lockdown and have had to face facts that we can’t draw on or fill our brows up every day, this trend has emerged through the ashes to save the day.

Embracing the natural state of our brows – no matter how sparse, or thick, or overgrown or overplucked - can seem like something out of our comfort zone. Luckily for us, this blog is about how 2020 is encouraging us to leave that comfort zone and feel good about all we are already. But hey, we still dig Instagram brows, so whatever floats your boat will do just fine.

For feathered brows, use an angled eyebrow brush with a light dip of pomade to make the slightest strokes to mimic natural brows going upward. For a serious no-makeup look with genuinely no make-up, a spoolie with a bit of skin-and-hair loving oils (like coconut) will work a treat.

2020 is not something any of us predicted. But we can’t sit here and sulk over the lows of a global pandemic that we’re all trying to get through. The best thing we can do is work with the situation at hand. And a big part of coping with it is rolling with the punches and keeping up with everything. With beauty news, you can experiment within your own home and get ahead of the game for when you can go out and show everyone your new skills.

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