NICOLA COSMETICS: 'One Purchase = A Meal For The Homeless'

NICOLA COSMETICS: 'One Purchase = A Meal For The Homeless'

Walking down the street in Melbourne city breaks my heart into pieces. With the growing epidemic of homelessness, there are so many people suffered to live on the street, cold and hungry. I've almost been there so I know how it feel to be in that situation. It can be so hard...

Homelessness can happen to anyone very unexpectedly. I hope we all do not judge homeless people, we may not know their story but I do know they are strong. With a little help from each and every one of us, I am sure they will get back their feet on the ground.

That's why in May 2018, we started a campaign 'One Purchase = A Meal For The Homeless'. Our aim is to help homeless people from Hunger and Starvation. With your every purchase, we will donate a meal for our fellow friends on the street.

Our donation will go through The Big Umbrella Foundation, which is a non-government organisation committed to the principle that people should live free from poverty, hunger and exploitation. The Big Umbrella Foundation is a certified Australian charity and works both locally and abroad addressing issues of food waste, food security and homelessness in Australia while making direct contact and serving beautiful fresh meals to those in need.

Join us together on this movement! Spread the love using our hashtag,